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About Greg Nystrom

Corporate and performer photographer Greg Nystrom is immersed in both the visual and performing arts, with one informing the other.

Greg Nystrom

In his acting career, he has performed on stage, in television, film, commercials, and voiceover. He found that in studying plays and scripts to interpret the human experience, he has influenced the nuances of his clients' headshot sessions. His other clients include architectural firms, law firms, cruise lines, independent agents, writers, as well as actors and entertainers.

Greg grew up in a military family moving around often as a child. He traveled to South Africa for two months with his mother and two sisters, which upon reflection was a pivotal photography experience. He studied architecture at the University of Florida before entering RIT where he received his BFA in Photographic Illustration.

His photography career has taken him from Florida to Seattle and now Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He has ridden the wave of digital photography since Photoshop became the standard postproduction tool. Greg's innate curiosity inspires him to work with many software applications, innovative lighting techniques, in video production, writing, and editing.

When not working with performers and business professionals on portraits, Greg continues to act, take bike rides and shoot video.

Artist’s Statement,  Greg Nystrom,  2018

There is an aspect of a person that retreats when the camera is brought out and directed toward them. Greg’s goal is to illuminate that personal, vulnerable and private side of his collaborators. Greg is after human nature. His job, as he sees it, is to distract an individual to the point of forgetting the presence of the camera.

Greg intends to record images of people showing a spark of interest and willingness to be seen. He is documenting moments that illuminate personality, passion, intent and identity. Relationship is revealed when two or more people interact in these moments. Secretly, He is doing what he can to impress his camera wielding father and grandfather; which is complicated by the fact that they are both deceased.